The Finkelstein Files: Y-ello? Is it Me You’re Looking For??

Finally the layers come off, our winter coats are swapped for lighter moments of turning our faces toward the sun again and soaking up all that luminous sunshine, blue skies, chirping birdies and the scent of flowers and bees busily humming. Not a moment too soon either, as Melbournians, we are well within our right to celebrate the joy that spring brings when it has indeed sprung!!

So too, new arrivals of sparkling and just-dried varnished art works jostle for position in our 500+ strong painting filled bespoke stock room. Wilson Lin has delivered a new fractal series, as has Phonsay, with some knock-your-socks-off hyper-realist paintings. Master painter, Thierry B. has been installing freshly framed creations onto the gallery walls for art collectors to snap up for their spaces at home or surround themselves with inspiring paintings whilst at work.

Above: Wilson Lin, The Things We Do For Love, Fractal Series, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 183 x 274.5cm, P.O.A

Above: Wilson Lin, Fresh Strike, Fractal series, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 170 x 250cm, P.O.A

Above: Artist, Wilson Lin painting in his studio in Melbourne, 2018.

Above: Thierry B., Voyage, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 122 x 91.5cm, P.O.A


Above: Thierry B., The Deep Blue, Coral Series, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 183 x 183cm, P.O.A


Above: Abstract Expressionist artist Thierry B., pictured in his gallery with painting, Zensation, 2017, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 183 x 183cm, P.O.A


How many Abstract painters can confidently say, their oeuvre encompasses twenty-seven (27!!) different styles available to his clientele?! So much of Thierry B’s art can be traced and talked about in terms of intention. The use of repetition in mark making, draws the viewer into the picture plane. It can be seen as metaphor for making his mark upon the world on a physical scale. Lyrical and delicate imagery, these fluid shapes transform spaces they inhabit. Hypnotic and healing, many of  Thierry B’s series have been widely collected and photographed in private collections across Australia and overseas.


Above: Thierry B Fine Art represents some of Australia’s best-loved Abstract artists as they explore and celebrate colour, layers of texture texture & movement.


Above: Thierry B., A Fine Romance, Dreamscape Series, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 152 x 122cm, P.O.A


Above: Thierry B., Tenderness, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 152 x 122cm, P.O.A


Above: Thierry B., La Vie En Rose, Euphoria Series, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 152 x 122cm, P.O.A


Thierry B explains the art of zen; “My work is all about introducing the joy of colour into our lives, often seen here through cross-sections which challenge your spatial perception. The vibrancy of hue and curvilinear forms in repetition create a dynamic feast for the eye, where they are in constant motion. Energy maps a pathway for our eyes and hearts to meld.” – Thierry B, July 2018.


Above: Hyper-realism artist, Phonsay painting in his Albury-based studio.


Above: Phonsay, Desert Storm, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 91.5 x 122cm, P.O.A. Framed in 18 carat white-gold water-gilding with ornate white custom-made frame.


If you have a registered ABN for a business which is turning over under $10million annually, an art work upto $20,000 will be fully tax deductible under current ATO regulations.

The Thierry B Fine Art website offers a complete stockroom to view available works, interior pages with the paintings installed into their new homes for inspiration, in addition to a testimonial page which sounds positively smarmy – every word is true!!! We look forward to welcoming you into our bespoke gallery space, complete with oversize stockroom for your viewing pleasure.

The gallery is located @ 473 Malvern Rd, South Yarra. Gallery hours: Monday – Saturday 11am – 5pm & Sunday 12pm – 5pm or by appointment.

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