Flux, Form and the Freeman Effect by Vicki Finkelstein

Freeman’s paintings are abstract, but the works also contain elliptical evocations of ideas and possibilities beyond themselves. Their synthesis of high- and low-tech methodology and their combination of structure and disorder, hard and soft focus, suggest that comprehension and knowledge are inconstant and unstable. As the artist states: “You can be forgiven for confusing whichContinue reading “Flux, Form and the Freeman Effect by Vicki Finkelstein”

Let it Bee: In Conversation with co-founder of Australia’s Daylesford Organics, Kate Ulman

Kate Ulman: “In 2001 we spent months driving around Victoria looking for properties to buy and move into, when we found ourselves walking through an organic apple orchard just out of Daylesford. I picked an apple and passed a bit of it to six-month-old Indi who was on my back, and when we saw herContinue reading “Let it Bee: In Conversation with co-founder of Australia’s Daylesford Organics, Kate Ulman”

The Finkelstein Files: Beyond The Trees

If trees are carriers of symbolic possibilities, the exhibition Beyond the Trees is a powerful and poetic response to our emotive connections to our planet. Climate change, the environment and the preservation of diversity are ‘hot’ topics. The life sustaining essence of trees is explored deftly by Victor Majzner who eschews these living monuments ideals of endurance andContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Beyond The Trees”

The Finkelstein Files: Art Appreciation 101

Why does art matter?? For without perspective, life would be awfully dull!  It is our most expressive form of sharing. Art matters because it illustrates the human experience—the wonder of it, the bewilderment of it, the whimsy of it, and so much more. We would not be connected so deeply without the existence of art. The artsContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Art Appreciation 101”

The Finkelstein Files: Y-ello? Is it Me You’re Looking For??

Finally the layers come off, our winter coats are swapped for lighter moments of turning our faces toward the sun again and soaking up all that luminous sunshine, blue skies, chirping birdies and the scent of flowers and bees busily humming. Not a moment too soon either, as Melbournians, we are well within our rightContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Y-ello? Is it Me You’re Looking For??”

The Finkelstein Files: The Art of Living Joyfully

Tolarno’s, a St.Kilda gastronomic institution for many decades of loyal customers gathered regularly to partake the bonhomie and Mirka Mora murals which festooned the walls with ducks, serpents, floral and doll-like motifs. One of Australia’s best-loved artist, Mirka Mora has passed this week, aged 90, much to the distress of the visual art community. HerContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: The Art of Living Joyfully”

The Finkelstein Files: Moody Blues

Above: Visitor from Singapore to the gallery with Thierry B. over the weekend. New Coral Series painting installed entitled, The Deep Blue, 2018, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 183 x 183cm, P.O.A How many Abstract painters can confidently say, their oeuvre encompasses twenty-seven (27) different styles available to his clientele?! So much of Thierry B’s art can beContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Moody Blues”

The Finkelstein Files: In My Room

“Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women; kitchen of lust, bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy.” – from ‘The House’ by Warsan Shire In My Room is the telling title of Helen Gory’s newest body of works – at once an invitation and a provocation. Strongly symbolist in nature and style, she hasContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: In My Room”

The Finkelstein Files: The Fine Art of Investment!

Wondering how to maximise your tax return for your business and feel like you’ve come out somehow on top?! With Australia’s tax breaks available to businesses which turnover under $10 million annually, owning your own art collection has never been so simple. Michael Fox, a leading Melbourne tax accountant specialising in the arts explains, “TheContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: The Fine Art of Investment!”

The Finkelstein Files: The Art of Michelle Breton

Above: Michelle Breton, Honey Dreaming, 2017, Mixed Media on Italian Canvas, 153 x 137cm, P.O.A Above: Michelle Breton, Trompette au Soleil, 2017, Mixed Media on Italian Canvas, 153 x 137cm, P.O.A Michelle Breton’s ouevre relates to deep inward feelings rather than appealing to the intellect –  a visceral expression of motifs. Organic is form and matter,Continue reading “The Finkelstein Files: The Art of Michelle Breton”