The Finkelstein Files: The Art of Living Joyfully

Tolarno’s, a St.Kilda gastronomic institution for many decades of loyal customers gathered regularly to partake the bonhomie and Mirka Mora murals which festooned the walls with ducks, serpents, floral and doll-like motifs. One of Australia’s best-loved artist, Mirka Mora has passed this week, aged 90, much to the distress of the visual art community. HerContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: The Art of Living Joyfully”

The Finkelstein Files: Gravity System Response

Artist Ash Keating photo credit: Greta Costello Photography A hypothetical question: could Ash Keating’s paintings win the Wynne, or any other prize for landscape painting? His new Blackartprojects exhibition,¬†Gravity System Response, features abstract paintings that, with their undeniable horizon lines, gesture towards the landscape tradition.¬†The works are created on large linen frames using the sprayContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Gravity System Response”

The Finkelstein Files: Sculpting Scenes with Deborah Halpern

If a Melbournian like myself, the iconic Angel signalled the entrance to the NGV as the tram trundled toward what I came to think of my second home by the mid 1980’s. Now situated along the banks of the Yarra river, opposite the ‘hill’ near the city end of the Birrarung Marr footbridge and hasContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Sculpting Scenes with Deborah Halpern”

The Finkelstein Files: Unconscious Landscapes

Within Kirstin Berg’s series of sturdy sculptural bas-relief works lies a subtle undercurrent of fragility. Raw edges are exposed and inner structures of the materials are used to create monumental assemblages of paper and pins. At once heroic gestures yet quietly gestural, these works express a need to establish order from chaos and express powerContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Unconscious Landscapes”

Sculptural Niches – Louise Paramor

Last Christmas, locals could’ve been forgiven for doing a double-take whilst travelling the freeway to work. One minute a barren uninspired vista of nothingness. Later the same afternoon, Panorama Station appeared, a vision of colossal scale and whimsy. Now a permanent public sculpture commissioned by Southern Way for the Peninsula Link Freeway at the EastLinkContinue reading “Sculptural Niches – Louise Paramor”