The Finkelstein Files: In My Room

“Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women; kitchen of lust, bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy.” – from ‘The House’ by Warsan Shire In My Room is the telling title of Helen Gory’s newest body of works – at once an invitation and a provocation. Strongly symbolist in nature and style, she hasContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: In My Room”

Chance Upon Nothing : Bill Sampson

Have you been to [MARS] lately? I’ve been known to travel great distances to see something that piques my interest. An ardent admirer of the work of artist Bill Sampson, I was on shpilkes*  to see this particular exhibition. ( the etymological noun of this Yiddish expression relates this as “a state of impatience or agitation” orContinue reading “Chance Upon Nothing : Bill Sampson”