The Finkelstein Files: Where The Infinite Dwells


When you have this dapper man greeting you at the door for a preview for national exhibition about to unfurl, you just know you are in for a ride of a night! Mo, is painter Kate Elsey’s partner in the truest sense of the word.

Accompanying Elsey on most of her artiness trips made for plein air studies of the Australian bush which are emblazon the walls in Melbourne’s No Vacancy concrete vault are a perfect foil for her work.


Banksia Mountain reveals a monolithic tribute to Mother nature in all her fickle fecundity. Flora and fauna vie for position with scraped back, paint-laden palette knifed canvases. The effect of is dizzying and deifying in person. (Please pardon my iPhone snaps, but this event was way too cool for my DSLR).


Continents blistering from fire and deluged by storm, the isolation and sheer scale of the works convey biodiversity, with delicate and unusual flowers attached to unbelievable, gnarly, weathered forms and creatures.

The Stirling Ranges are home to Banksia Mountain, in the south-west of Australia where the magnitude and diversity of species makes it one of the most important, fragile and formidable places on earth.


Where the Infinite Dwells, is an apt name for the above work, which blankets the wall effortlessly. The scale of the works are a challenge to be surmounted by the feisty Elsey, who is no stranger to employing courage and tenacity to her canvases.

Lucky to be treated to an entire space dotted with Elsey’s – the works leave today to go West for a solo exhibition with successful gallery, Linton & Kay, based in St.Georges Terrace in Perth. proud patrons and long-standing clients pepper the audience in a show of appreciation for her maturation as an artist who is fast approaching a new pinnacle.



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TFF xx

august 2015