The a Finkelstein Files: 13 Reasons Why Original Art In The Home Is As Important As A Bed

Above: Patricia Heaslip, Ether, Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm, Private Residence, Malvern, Australia.


Having original art in the home is vital to your well being. Art is a key piece of furniture for many reasons and yet it is sometimes put on the back burner in comparison to other home objects. This list is dedicated to the understanding of importance of art from perspectives of interior design, well being, social atmosphere, creating a mood in the home, and more. One quote that stands out about the importance of original art is the following, “You would never put fake books on your bookshelf, so why would you put fake art on your walls?”

Above: Patricia Heaslip, Untitled, Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm, Private Residence, Brighton, Australia.

1. Creates Mood 

Brain scans have revealed that looking at works of art trigger a surge of dopamine into the same area of the brain that registers desire, pleasure, and romantic love. Romantic, sublime landscapes provoke contemplation of nature and purity. Such works then create a mood of peace and are good for relaxation rooms such as the bedroom.

Above: Michael Whitehead, Ever After, Synthetic Polymer Paint & Mixed Media on Linen, 80 x 270cm, Private Residence, Toorak, Australia.

2. Adds Personal Character to the Home 

We all love to express ourselves, be it through clothing, accessories, social media – the list goes on! Original art in the home is a perfect way to express your artistic and aesthetic interests in a way different from most, for original artworks are one of a kind.

Above: (left) Phonsay, Under My Umbrella, (right) Bubble Gum Dream, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 122 x 122cm, Private Residence, South Yarra, Australia.

3. Makes Memories

Buying an original work of art is an experience. For whatever reason, you were drawn to a specific piece (or multiple). You may have seen it at a show opening, had a nice trip to the ice cream shop before hand. Whatever happened leading up to/during/after the purchase of a meaningful original work will be remembered every time you see it. This will not happen with a poster from Ikea.

Above: Thierry B, Darwinism Series, Triptych, Synthetic Polymer paint on Line,  183 x 152cm x 3 panels. Private residence, Caulfield, Australia.

4. Provides a Colour Palette 

When rooms have a lot of colours, or many shades of the same colour, it can become overwhelming. An original work of art is a beautiful, meaningful way to tie everything together and create a general focal point.

Above: Thierry B, Next Chapter, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 183 x 183cm, Private Collection, South Yarra, Australia.

5. Makes a Room Feel Finished 

When walls are empty, a room does not necessarily look bad, but by no means does it look finished. Rooms with empty walls are functional rooms in a house. Rooms with original art work are comfortable rooms in a home.

Above: Michelle Breton, Untitled, Mixed Media on Canvas, 152 x 152cm, Private Residence, Kooyong, Australia. Styling: Lisa Gole Interiors.

6. Inspires and Fosters Creativity 

This one is simple – in rooms with no art, artistic expression is lacking and therefore the need and want for creativity is not very prominent. On the opposite end of the spectrum, original artworks foster creativity, expression, artistic inspiration. This is particularly important in homes with children as being surrounded by artwork will allow creative thinking. This idea is expanded on in reason 11.

Above: Justin Audrins, Talking Heads, Oil on Canvas, 137.5 x 198cm. Private Residence, Toorak, Australia.

7. Conversation Starter 

As mentioned in reason 2, hanging original art in your home is a way of expressing oneself. That being said, guests will always be curious about the choice of artwork, the story, have questions about the artist, etc. It is a way to show off your art collection while having passionate conversations with house guests.

Above: Thierry B, Euphoria Series, Synthetic Polymer paint on Linen, 183 x 183cm. Private Residence, Melbourne, Australia. Styling: David Hicks Design.

8. Supports Artists 

One of the most important things about buying original artwork is that you are supporting an artist’s career. Each time you have a look at a work in your home, it provides a feel-good emotion that you are assisting an artist in achieving the success and recognition they deserve.

Above: Michael Whitehead, Things Forgotten, Synthetic Polymer Paint & Mixed Media on Canvas, 120 x 150cm.

9. It is an Investment 

Building off of reason 8, not only does owning original work in the home allow you to support artists’ careers, but it is also an investment. These artworks can be passed down through family and friends, be shared with loved ones for many years all while increasing in worth. This is never something that will be achieved with a $12 print from Kmart.

Above: Thierry B, Blush, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas, 122 x 91.5cm.

10. Creates a Livable Environment 

Art can make rooms that are not necessarily “home-y” become comfortable working and living environments. A home office, for example, can transform from a place of work and business to one of relaxation and productivity all the with addition of an original work of art. Attached is an article explaining how artwork in office spaces improves employee productivity.


Above: Thierry B, Unlimited, 183 x 183cm & Between the Lines Series, 122 x 91.5cm, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen. Private Residence, Albert Park, Australia.

11. Keeps the Brain Active 

Art is very conceptual, artists use it as a medium to express personal thought, political or social issues, and to make us as viewers think. Some people do quizzes or crossword puzzles to keep their brain active, but another way to do so is to own original artwork in the home, to just sit, look, and think.

Above: Michelle Breton, Collioure, Mixed Media on Canvas, 117.5 x 203cm. Private Collection, Caulfield Australia.

12. Relaxation 

In a busy, fast-paced world that demands speed and productivity, home should be a place of relaxation. Coming home from a busy day at work to sit on your couch and stare at a TV or a blank wall is not as recharging or relaxing as enjoying an artwork purchased with the means to create a positive mood.

Above: Thierry B, Pieces of You, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 122 x 91.5cm. Private Residence, Toorak, Australia.

13. Curating Your Own Gallery is Fun! 

Last but certainly not least, curating a gallery is fun! Attending show openings, going to galleries, chatting with artists even, it is a fun experience! After a while you will start to notice a theme, in subject matter, colour, concept, etc. Playing with moods, composition, placement in the home, of all these reasons why to have art in the home, let’s not forget the fact that it is simply something fun to do!


The Finkelstein Files: Time for Change

I’m about to share something very personal with you today. I’m not even entirely sure this post belongs in this arena, deep breath, here I go.  Last year, after arriving with a defeated thud on the outskirts of a defunct decade-long marriage, with two young children in tow as well, as our beloved but ageing pet cat Haimish, I was faced with starting a new life. Problem was, I felt like a wrung-out old dish rag who’d just experienced the equivalent of a spin cycle, one too many times and  had lost touch with beauty and the sun shine.


So one day in late summer, I drove out to Sunbury (about 20 Km’s from Melbourne) to visit a really good mate of mine, who also happens to be an amazing painter. I drove out to meet Kate Elsey and to view her latest progress on her art commissions and to find out what had kept her from returning my phone calls. Her brother, David Elsey was visiting that morning and hovered around quietly in the kitchen, offering us fresh pot’s of tea when he saw one of us draw breath to pause during our enviable conversation. As he hovered, I could not help but feel an instant connection to him. When I awoke the next morning, I was startled when recalling that he had vividly featured in my dream,  still hovering in my head from that night. And no, dear reader, it wasn’t one of those types of dreams. In this dream he held a position of leadership and quiet confidence, a talisman of what was to come as it turns out.

5-Graeme Altmann-Coastal Boy 2012 oil on canvas 92cm x 168cm

Fast forward, I met David for a second time some months later at a group art exhibition, Kate was participating in, which I had curated at an inner Melbourne venue in Fitzroy. His curious eyes met mine & I uncustomarily blurted out my dream to him. A slow, lazy smile stole upon his lips, and he leant forward toward me and said ‘well, maybe it’s time we met for a session?’ he suggested.


It turns out that David Elsey is a gifted counsellor, an Analytical Psychotherapist and a Master Practitioner in the Art and Science of Neuro – Linguistics. A certified Hypnotherapist completes his skill sets. His modus operandi is to guide, heal and provide resources for a life of acceptance, joy and enthusiasm through self-truth and connecting us to the higher self. Sounds like a tall order right? To live in a world that lives consciously and chooses to rely upon love as the driver behind all behaviour, is a huge utopian ideal right? Maybe. Or maybe not.

People seek assistance for so many modern day stressors that sometimes threaten to overwhelm us and inturn, damage our state of presence, concerning our most precious to us, our families and friends who support and love us. My twins were starting primary school in a few months and we had moved house twice and were needing to create a stable base for our now, new normal. Financial concerns plagued me and my self-esteem seemed to have evaporated into thin air. I’d procrastinated for many years about creating positive changes in my life to the point where I knew not where to start.
I sucked in my long held breath and exhaled, while wondered what could possibly feel more worse than my current state of being. A surf lover and larrikin, David promotes and radiates a laconic cockiness I found enviable. He was at ease with himself and life. Originally from Perth, at 48, he had worked his shit out.

I enlisted my girlfriend Sunny to accompany me, as there is safety in numbers. I smugly reassured myself, as, I’ve seen 3 hypnotherapists over the years to break bad eating habits and a smoking addiction I no longer needed. Let’s see if he could break me open – Ha!   Famous last words – within the first half hour of treatment, Sunny after witnessing my hypnotherapy session immediately volunteered to go after me! For the record, Sunny is a skeptic who is wary of sub-conscious changes aiming to remove blockages. Ok, so here’s the thing – the ‘what and ‘why’ still remain mysterious as I grapple to explain this form of therapy – but change did happen , and continues its path in my life.


A year has since passed, with many situations which would have undeniably knocked me for a sixer have come and gone. No, I’m not some stoic mute,unresponsive to emotion  – it’s quite the opposite. I just worry less and live more. With joy, gratitude and appreciation for all the immense blessings I have in my life. Yes my life has changed, but it is truly my attitude which has been indelibly altered for the better. I discovered that our dark times are an adaption to the loss of love. The trick is to realign ourselves, in learning to let go, so we can remain open to change and accept the powerful belief that we are all 100% responsible for what happens to us.

I caught up with David and his partner, Lin Lin for a traditional Balinese dinner – he now resides in Bali counselling for treatment centres, retreats and private clients. He was absolutely delighted to hear how much has shifted for me in the positive since last May and continues to do so too. Whoa. This is by far the most personal post I have ever penned – but you know what – it feels good! Below I post a before and after pic of yours truly – the proof is in the eyes. How’s that for positive change?!

ME-before-after change

For any curious peeps out there reading this and are visiting Bali, contact David for a session which traditionally last between 60-90 minutes or until breakthrough! He does travel to Melbourne regularly and is happy to respond to an appointment request via email on: or directly on +62 896 777 42 777

Much love to all,

TFF xx