Flux, Form and the Freeman Effect by Vicki Finkelstein

Freeman’s paintings are abstract, but the works also contain elliptical evocations of ideas and possibilities beyond themselves. Their synthesis of high- and low-tech methodology and their combination of structure and disorder, hard and soft focus, suggest that comprehension and knowledge are inconstant and unstable. As the artist states: “You can be forgiven for confusing whichContinue reading “Flux, Form and the Freeman Effect by Vicki Finkelstein”

The Finkelstein Files: Art Appreciation 101

Why does art matter?? For without perspective, life would be awfully dull!  It is our most expressive form of sharing. Art matters because it illustrates the human experience—the wonder of it, the bewilderment of it, the whimsy of it, and so much more. We would not be connected so deeply without the existence of art. The artsContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Art Appreciation 101”

The Finkelstein Files: The Fine Art of Investment!

Wondering how to maximise your tax return for your business and feel like you’ve come out somehow on top?! With Australia’s tax breaks available to businesses which turnover under $10 million annually, owning your own art collection has never been so simple. Michael Fox, a leading Melbourne tax accountant specialising in the arts explains, “TheContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: The Fine Art of Investment!”

Thierry B Fine Art: What Makes Contemporary Aboriginal Art?

What Makes Contemporary Aboriginal Art ? The contradiction of Aboriginal art is that it is both timeless and contemporary at the same time. This duality challenges the Western understanding of the progress of culture and ideas. Since Aboriginal culture is the oldest continuous living culture in the world , her artwork has existed for 40,000Continue reading “Thierry B Fine Art: What Makes Contemporary Aboriginal Art?”

The Finkelstein Files : Sfumato Superbo

What is it that continues to resonate with me some 10 years after first clapping eyes on Alexander McKenzie’s quietly evocative mood-scapes? Its fairly true to say that I am a groupie. Hard-core. Let’s rewind a little, to 2007…. At 4.30pm on a weekday afternoon, I hear the squeal of the gallery stock room roll-a-doorContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files : Sfumato Superbo”

The Finkelstein Files – Modern Master Eolo Paul Bottaro

‘The artwork of Eolo Paul Bottaro presents a challenge to write about. One searches for the right opening line that will get to the core of his vibrant paintings, each so unique in narrative and subject matter. But at the heart of it Bottaro’s art refuses to be summed up in a neat sound-bite, andContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files – Modern Master Eolo Paul Bottaro”

The Magic of Michelson

Welcome  to the world of painter, Robin Michelson. Tucked away in a leafy, sun-drenched crescent on the south-side of Melbourne, lives a magician. And his name is Michelson. His 60’s apartment is an achingly yet unofficiously cool statement in understatement. That’s just the kind of guy he is. The kind that can take a tinyContinue reading “The Magic of Michelson”

The Finkelstein Files: Marc Freeman

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of watching the metamorphosis of painter, Marc Freeman over the past few years. And what a fantastic unfurling of fabulousness it has been. Currently completing a his Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship, at Red Gate in Beijing, Freeman has been busy exhibiting new work at SCOPE NY Art Fair with Nellie Castan Projects, as well as a finalist inContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: Marc Freeman”

Raison d’être (French pronunciation: ​[ʁɛzɔ̃ d‿ɛːtʁ]) is a French phrase meaning “reason for existence.”

Do you need a reason for being? My friend Marlo, volunteered her time, energy & amazeballs can-do attitude to assist with our 90-piece instal for the upcoming AUSiMED Art auction this week. This is her tee-shirt. Love you Marlo! Aside from our dedicated core crew, there have been so many supporters ever willing & ableContinue reading “Raison d’être (French pronunciation: ​[ʁɛzɔ̃ d‿ɛːtʁ]) is a French phrase meaning “reason for existence.””

A changing tableau of lines.

AUSiMED Lot # 18, Windadryne, 2006 by Julie Dowling. “In recent years Julie Dowling has emerged as one of Australia’s most sought after and accomplished painters, and a leading light of the contemporary Indigenous art movement. The subjects of her paintings deal with the Aboriginal identity and the Indigenous perspective of Australian history as reflectedContinue reading “A changing tableau of lines.”