The Finkelstein Files: A Few of My Favourite Things!!!

In the last post for the year, 2017 has been a rollercoaster ride for many. I for one, am looking forward to a complete summer break with my favourite little peeps, my twin 8 year old’s.  It’s all about having fun and being in the moment, taking our time, and few plans except soaking up theContinue reading “The Finkelstein Files: A Few of My Favourite Things!!!”

Thierry B Fine Art: What Makes Contemporary Aboriginal Art?

What Makes Contemporary Aboriginal Art ? The contradiction of Aboriginal art is that it is both timeless and contemporary at the same time. This duality challenges the Western understanding of the progress of culture and ideas. Since Aboriginal culture is the oldest continuous living culture in the world , her artwork has existed for 40,000Continue reading “Thierry B Fine Art: What Makes Contemporary Aboriginal Art?”

A changing tableau of lines.

AUSiMED Lot # 18, Windadryne, 2006 by Julie Dowling. “In recent years Julie Dowling has emerged as one of Australia’s most sought after and accomplished painters, and a leading light of the contemporary Indigenous art movement. The subjects of her paintings deal with the Aboriginal identity and the Indigenous perspective of Australian history as reflectedContinue reading “A changing tableau of lines.”