The Finkelstein Files: Art Matters

Above: Michelle Breton, Chant Du Midi, Mixed Media, 152 x 137cm.


Above: Thierry B, Blush, Synthetic polymer Paint on Canvas, 122 x 91.5cm.


Above Left: Thierry B, Where Are You Now?, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 170 x 250cm, Private Residence, Caulfield.

Above Right: Michael Whitehead, Things Forgotten, Synthetic Polymer Paint & Mixed Media on Canvas, 120 x 150cm, Private Residence, Caulfield.


The definition of decorative means to make something more attractive – to embellish and beautify and enhance one’s environment. In France, the term decorative is celebrated in all its forms from furniture, to carpets, soft furnishings and ornaments. Decoration is an art form in itself to be revered and admired. Why then, does the word ‘decorative’ sound so dirty when we apply it to art ?

To decorate one’s environment is to create a space which reflects your taste and admiration for certain colour palettes and styles which inform and transform wall space into ‘energy pockets’ where your eyes zoom in and rest on works you love to look at and live with everyday. And it is entirely personal. What we are drawn toward and respond to may be decorative in nature, have no narrative but to take your eyes on a journey of exploration.

Above: Patricia Heaslip, Ether, Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm –  Private Residence, Malvern.

Above: Patricia Heaslip, Untitled, Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm –  Private Residence, Brighton.

Above: Patricia Heaslip, Diamond Soul, Oil on Linen, 183 x 183cm.

Thierry B Fine Art offers our clients possibilities and services which no other gallery includes in Melbourne. If you are placing your greatest asset on the market for sale, our stockroom holds over 400 paintings by an eclectic range of 12 artists including the prolific portfolio by Thierry B himself, whose series number 16 different styles. Truly something for everyone – we are adept at working within your budget and timeframe — whether it be for an Open For Inspection to the public, or a private function hosted at home, or longer term rentals available for commercial and private spaces.

More cost effective than alternative options – our service provides delivery with our professional carriers and installation by Thierry B for the wow factor. Thierry has been told by so many satisfied clients that he ‘has the eye’ & will deftly tweak a few pieces of your existing furniture, or suggest some tired art works require a ‘facelift’ with a sharp custom frame, can source on your behalf furniture, soft furnishings where required.

“Thank you to Thierry B – he has ‘the eye’! With our renovation complete, we had many blank walls staring back at us but had no idea where to start. Thierry was able to assist us with proportions and existing work we owned and even the placement of furniture so that it all flowed beautifully from one room to the next” – Mr. & Mrs. Cawthorne, Brighton.


Above: Thierry B, Darwinism Series, Indulgence of Freedom, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 200 x 300cm.

Above: Thierry B, Darwinism Series,  Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 170 x 250cm – Private Residence, East Melbourne.


With as many as 16 painting styles, Thierry B has a healthy insta following  – all enamoured with his diversity and talent. He is open to accepting commissions for clients who are keen to add his energy to their blank walls at home. Thierry regularly makes house calls to offer a complimentary consultation to recommend the ideal proportions of a painting which can act as an anchor point in a room. Clients are then able to select their preferred colour palette to either work back with existing work hanging or create a new energy in the space.


Above Left: Phonsay, Under My Umbrella, Acrylic on Linen, 122 x 122cm.

Above Right: Phonsay, Bubblegum Dream , Acrylic on Linen, 122 x 122cm.

Phonsay‘s clever and whimsical digital photographic prints have long been a favourite among Thierry B clients, who are drawn in with his quirky compositions all expertly framed in this limited edition printed on super fine, museum-quality rag paper, offering an aquarelle stipled-like effect. This year sees Phonsay picking up his fine hair paint brushes to create some client commissions of portraits of families, and the odd surprise gift for a special birthday for hard to buy for loved ones. The paintings start from 122 x 122cm in size and can be commissioned to size with an emerging price tag to boot. An affordable way of adding a treasure to your growing collection.

Above: Michael Whitehead, Ever After, Synthetic Polymer Paint and Mixed Media on Linen, 80 x 270cm, Private Residence, Toorak.

Above: Thierry B, Pieces of You, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 122 x 91.5cm, Private Residence, Toorak.

Some of Thierry B’s satisfied clients:

“We are both so thankful for your decorating expertise for our home – from advice on paintings for our space, design recommendations and of course, your skillful hanging – it now looks amazing!”  –  Karen and Justin, Malvern.

“Hi Thierry – this is the quickest makeover ever. Thought I was in the wrong apartment. Looks brilliant. Love your work. Many thanks for your time today. Very much appreciated” – Julie & Michael, Southbank

Above Left: Thierry B, Unlimited Series, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 183 x 183cm – Port Melbourne Residence.

Above Right: Thierry B, Between the Lines Series, Synthetic Polymer Paint on Linen, 137 x 122cm – Port Melbourne Residence.

Above Right: Thierry B, Calming Chaos, Synthetic Polymer Paint On Linen, 183 x 183cm – Williamstown Residence.

It is always appreciated when our valued clients take the time to express their gratitude: “Dear Thierry, I’m walking around my house in absolute awe with what you have created here with your style and flair, something that I would never have been able to achieve. Thank you so much for everything so far. I really appreciate you coming out this afternoon and fine tuning the furniture and putting up the family photos which are very important to me and you’ve made it look classy and elegant. I know it’s a busy time of year for everyone so I appreciate you fitting today into your schedules. I can’t wait to see the house in Belle magazine hopefully sometime in 2017 to show off your hard work for all to admire. You’re a true gem and a beautiful person! Justine xxxx” – John & Justine, Williamstown.

Thierry B Fine Art is located at 473 Malvern Rd, South Yarra.

Gallery hours: Monday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm or by appointment: 0404861438.



The World of Interiors – Graham Geddes Collection on Sale!



If you have ever wondered what it would be Alice and tumble down the tunnel toward Wonderland, unlock the door and slip through to see the world through the looking glass with someone else’s eyes? A second generation antique and antiquities dealer, Graham Geddes encyclopedic knowledge adds provenance to his five decades of exploration as a buyer of exquisite interiors.


The deeper you delve, the curioser and curioser this interconnected rabbit warrens become. Lewis Carroll could not have conjured up a stranger mix of the unique or magical. Discover a fantasy world populated by  the peculiar and anthropomorphic, antiques and curios as far as the eye cares to roam. Suzani upholstered Louis XVI style Armchair.


I am stopped in my tracks at the sight of a substantial Pair Of Sculpted White Marble Figurative Groups Depicting Putti Astride Sphinxes, after Jacques Sarazi. Each carved as a putto seated on a sphinx, with a floral garland draped over the lap of each figure, together with a modern metal plinth.


Above is an 18th Century Flemish Ebonised And Gilt Wood Side Cabinet. The steeped top with a hinge lid above panelled doors opening to short drawers and a central cupboard door each with an etched glass mirror panel, painted in faux tortoiseshell with gilt highlights.

Perched atop, right, sits a Classical Style Bronze Figure of a Pipe Player, 19th Century. Modelled as a young man leaning against a tree stump playing a flute raised on a square marble base, 26.5cm.

At right, stands a figure of a Manchurian on a Verde Marble Base, 19th Century, clothed in traditional costume modelled in a respectful pose, raise on a circular stepped base. 22cm high.


Blinded with gilt – a truly impressive Pair of Spanish Carlos II Polychrome and Gilt Wood Columns 17th century, circa 1612, Provenance: Jose Maria Del Rey. With a twist turn standard, they are boldly carved with grapes and vines rising to an acanthus leaf carved capital, 260cm high. 

In between sits a nineteenth century SpanishWalnut Vargueno. The top is applied with iron mounts opening to interior fitted with multiple carved drawers and doors each ornately inlaid with bone ornamentation and gilt highlights, the lower section with four geometric carved draw.

Atop sit  a group of five Faux Shagreen Document Canisters lacquered Emerald Green & Saffron, the tallest measuring 55cm high.


The afternoon sun seductively weaves and winds its way around a length of Han Dynasty Granary jars feature down the length here with a ribbed body.

Pictured is a George III Oak Dresser Circa 1790. A pair of  Carved And Painted Stone East Asian Monk sit side by side, resolved in a kneeling position, draped in traditional robes and set upon a shaped base, 66cm high.

Two Chinese Rosewood Table Screens sits neatly behind –  rectangular, raised within a carved stretcher support, the taller measuring 74cm high.

A black lacquered Carved And Gilded Chienese Temple Sign frames the vignette. Rectangular and with moulded rim displaying the phoenix and lotus, the panel is recessed and relief characters painted and gilded, 220 x 109cm.


Window-worthy, show-stopping, mouth-gaping decorative hand-painted screens scream romance and history.

French Painted Leather Six Panel Screen . Each panel is painted with a romantic scene within a foliate surround on a gilt ground, with classical trophies to the reverse, 248 x 318cm.

In the foreground, sits a Chinese Six Fold Painted and Lacquered Leather Floor Screen.  The panel displays individual figurative palace scenes, edged in studded leather, 330cm wide x 200cm high.



Atop a pair of half-moon pine hall tables, sit a group of Southern Chinese Papier Mache Mallet Shaped Wine Jars with a rectangular base with crackled finish, 39cm wide.


Stepping out into the sunshine feels glorious this autumn afternoon – as far as the eye can see, Fountains, Statues flank and fold around Outdoor & Architectural Furniture.



rusted candelabra

 Iron Candelabras sway in the sunshine, revealing rustic romanticism at every angle.


French wooden skittles nestle neatly in in Chinese carriers.

spanish console & poufs


I wonder if Alice was ever tempted by reddest of apples scattered here on an Oval Silver Plated Platter, 52 x 40cm.

Behind sits a handsome  Chinese Red Lacquered Qin Box and Hinged Cover from the Ming Dynasty, 15th Century. Rectangular with domed cover raised on a pierced pedestal base, to each end has cast iron handle, 131cm.

If weary, take a seat on this Walnut And Leather Bound Spanish Chair  circa 17th Century. The angular open frame with back support is  stretched in leather with a decorative brass studding, with the seat of moulded leather and legs with apron stretcher support.

sri lankan brass

Sri Lankan Brass Jars atop an Oak Dresser. – this grouping satisfies me on every level. The right mix of old and new, expected and not. Wrap these to go please!

The amazing part of this tale is that the prices are ridiculously affordable for the sentiment, culture and sense of history they lend to space, immediately transforming it into a place you want to be.


This is my absolute favourite image – it encapsulates the essence of eclecticism & already has me refurbishing my space at home. Love ’em or hate ’em  these Silver Overlay Framed Bergeres Upholstered on Wild Zebra are memorable!

There is almost too much to take in even to the trained eye, it’s an endless mine of mysterious curios and collectibles.

suzani armchair & pouf


This a-board sign has stood the test of time. Standing sentinel-like outside the High Street emporium, Graham Geddes categorically refuses to move with the times – preferring a word of mouth Chinese whispers to call collectors. When news of his declining health made the media last year, he too somewhat sheepishly admits today he has never felt better or fitter! A survivor, undoubtedly. And a gifted guitarist, when the mood strikes. Drop in and perhaps he will strum some soothing Spanish songs – or decide to take you on a personal tour of his Wonderland.

Graham Geddes Antiques, 877 – 899 High Street, Armadale. Hours: Monday – Friday 9-5, Saturday 10-4.30.