The Fit & Fab Files – For Fit Sake!


the Fit & Fab files


For Fit Sake!

A few months ago I took an unscheduled tumble down my back stairs at home & needed surgery on a foot & knee high moon boots on both legs for couple of months. The post surgery pain was excruciating. Like a demented teletubby lurching around, my twin 4 year olds were about to start school holidays – the timing couldn’t have been worse. Luckily, I am a quick healer! Many pharmaceutical filled months later, I emerged, tentatively at first, back into the sunlight.

The lesson here I think may have been I was so busy trying to race around & check everything off my daily- to-do list, I was blinkered to the moments I was missing in the here & now.

NEVER ever, will I take my feet for granted again! Post physio rehab, I visited a local, charming Indian podiatrist who took one look at my still somewhat mangled toes & sighed. “You weren’t being mindful then?” she enquired gently. Bingo. Sometimes it only takes a moment for our focus to wander – huge things can happen as a result of being out of our bodies.

Which brings me to the here & now. Monday morning. I’d asked around, & yes, Dave, owner & director of For Fit Sake, taskmaster & general all-round nice guy – could help me. Everyone says he’s a tough trainer but his track record on yielding results speak for themselves. Enough said.

Here I am, writing to you, feeling a little anxious. The last time I’d boxed, burpee’d & suicide sprinted was B.T (before twins). About to eat a protein fuelled poached egg & spinach on avo on rye  combo as prep. No caffeine hit – how do you think I’m gonna pay for my sessions?!! Seems like a positive trade: giving caffeine the flick for the sake of my fitness.

See ya on the other side!



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