The Finkelstein Files: Pit-stop @ STATION


Jon Cattapan's Monster View, 2008 Oil on linen, 190 x 190cm


Ok – so you were caught in the 2 minute sun shower Melbourne switched on Saturday afternoon. Or you decided to make a mad dash to re-stock the ‘fridge, catch-up coffee with a bestie, or had an earlier pressing engagement to attend. Whatever. Wherever you were, it wasn’t @ STATION, the recently re-branded gallery garage Sth Yarra space  which show cases premium stock. The well-known, the soon-to-be known amidst an atmosphere of casual collectors who know all too well their up from down & everywhere in between.

  2-station       4-station

‘Vasili Kaliman has been dealing in contemporary art since 1992, establishing his first gallery in the Sydney suburb of Paddington in 2001. Over the past decade or so he has regularly re-invented himself, or perhaps franchised himself to use a branding term, alert to trends with an uncanny knack to adapt to changing conditions. The art world has often watched and wondered what he would do next.

Now is again such a time. After a decade of dealing in Sydney Kaliman moved to Melbourne in 2011 and went into partnership with Jarrod Rawlings as KALIMANRAWLINGS. This month he rebrands the gallery as STATION – his fourth iteration as a dealer – but still favouring “capitals”.’ ( Artshub 13.02.14)

3-station 12-station 8-station

Kaliman is well know for his embrace of social media, with over 88,000 Twitter followers, plus his blog Art Patrol, which has now been superseded by Instagram. He adopted social media before most of us, launching his Twitter feed in 2009 and focussing on the global art market. He once described the appeal of Twitter as, ‘the fact that there are so many people directing others to a huge amount of data – they’re digital curators, sifting through mountains of information to find the gems.’

Started that same year, his blog Art Patrol was ‘essentially a picture book’ described Kaliman. ‘It’s also very current; every single post is something on in the world at this moment – kind of a snapshot in contemporary art.’ The blog’s catch-phase was: ‘If it’s on show somewhere and it’s any good, I’ll find it…’



real player one 10-station

But as platforms have changed so too has Kaliman. It is this skill of recalibrating his gallery, and his own identity, that is terribly instructive as galleries today try to find new ways to build audiences and financial viability.

So keep an eye on STATION – the name kind of says it all – a place of transit and transference.

Ready Player One opened today & can be viewed until 8th March 2014. Hours: Tuesday — Friday 11.00am — 5.00pm & Saturday 12.00pm — 4.00pm.

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