Contents fragile – Hague’s Trojan Hammer

Mr. Robert Hague had newly arrived to live in Sydney via Rotorua, New Zealand and I had the pleasure of curating his first exhibition based in Melbourne at Australian Art Resources with Axia Modern Art.
Trojan Hammer (Cloth)
Trojan Hammer (cloth)
2012, hand printed lithograph on cotton rag paper, 40 x 58cm
Trial Proof on white paper.
The Trojan Hammer is a growing series of lithographic prints by internationally acclaimed artist, sculptor and printmaker, Robert Hague. By returning to an art-form that he deeply loves, Hague is inspired by the metaphorical image of the hammer, a tool of both creation and destruction.
“Hague’s variations on his theme describe a seemingly never-ending adaptation. In Trojan Hammer (violin) he strings his hammer and adorns it with a hand-carved scroll and peg-box. That, one would think, is surreal enough in itself. But then Hague casts the hammer’s shadow as a Celtic cross. Music, religion and ancient history are evoked and weighted down by the heavy iron of the hammer’s head.” – Ashley Crawford
hague-vase print
After visiting Hague’s newly self-built studio in Melbourne’s Newport, I am thrilled to be able to share with you some recent works, literally hot off the press. Robert shared that he is equally excited to exhibit the works which will form an important part of the survey exhibition, Deca: 2003-2013 at Deakin University Gallery opening June 5th, 2013.
2013-02-20 21.37.02
Curioser & curioser I became the further I delved into the burrough of this suburban cornucopia of ideas and ephemera.
I’ll let the images do the talking.
hague-studio door
Join me later this week for a meander down Red Hill Rd Shoreham to view Hague’s recently installed Monument in good company at  Montalto Winery, Red Hill.

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